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Am Echad's syndication service, Am Echad Resources, provides Jewish newspapers around the globe and websites with material presenting a traditional Jewish perspective on contemporary affairs or featuring current happenings in the traditional Jewish world. Each week an original article (sometimes along with an interesting piece that may have already appeared in the press) is e-mailed to editors and interested individuals. AER's service is free of charge and those interested in being placed on its e-mail list are invited to write to [email protected].

Am Echad Resources Syndication

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Title Publication Date
Invitation to a Webinar with Families of Hostages. Registration Required. See underneath the ad. April 14, 2024
Links to purchase Ordinary Greatness (Adir Press) 20% discount at Feldheim December 22, 2023
A chance, I think, to still buy Ordinary Greatness from Feldheim at a low price. Not sure how long the offer lasts. December 21, 2023
The Loneliness of a Long-Distance Runner June 9, 2023
Baruch Dayan Haemes May 1, 2023
Evil Destroys Itself; Unreal Insight -- the Chazon Ish April 29, 2023
Lewt' January 8, 2023
Crown of Halachah Mishpacha Magazine November 30, 2022
Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory; The Queen and I October 19, 2022
A Naked Political Bribe Mishpacha Magazine September 6, 2022
Correction: not DailyLiving.I'm mortified. August 3, 2022
HEED THE OMENS Mishpacha Magazine May 10, 2022
Finding Our Mission in Chesed Mishpacha Magazine August 31, 2021
A Key for Elul: Towards a Unified Theory of Anti-Semitism Mishpacha Magazine August 11, 2021
Don't Run, Donald' Yated Neeman August 4, 2021
Anti-Semitism is Getting Me Down Mishpacha Magazine August 4, 2021
Two Rallies Mishpacha Magazine July 28, 2021
Bennett's Dangerous Illusions Yated Neeman July 21, 2021
HIdden Heroes Mishpacha Magazine July 21, 2021
On Turning Seventy Mishpacha Magazine July 14, 2021
Silly People vs Serious People Mishpacha Magazine June 30, 2021
The Press That Can't Shoot Straight and Doesn't Even Try Yated Neeman June 24, 2021
The Potential in Every Jew Mishpacha Magazine June 23, 2021
Hamas's Enablers Yated Neeman May 27, 2021
Summing Up -- So Far Mishpacha Magazine November 11, 2020
Baruch Dayan HaEmes November 8, 2020
Donald Trump's Very, Very Good Week Mishpacha Magazine December 25, 2019
Klal Yisrael Is Always Free Mishpacha Magazine April 16, 2019
Helicopter Parent, Meet Coddled Kid Mishpacha Magazine April 10, 2019
Holy Battlefield; Readers Write Mishpacha Magazine March 13, 2019
Words That Flow Like Water Mishpacha Magazine March 6, 2019
Our Children Are Begging Us to Stop Mishpacha Magazine November 28, 2018
Tour of Poland and Ukraine for anyone who might be interested October 9, 2018
Jogging the Memory Mishpacha Magazine July 19, 2018
An Appropriately Abject Apology Mishpacha Magazine May 30, 2018
In Budapest, a Thirst for Torah Mishpacha Magazine May 16, 2018
A Little Help That Goes a Long Way Mishpacha Magazine February 7, 2018
What We Lost January 19, 2018
The Mitzvos We Do for Ourselves; Partisanship and Religion Don't Mix January 4, 2018
Selling a Defective Product: October 19, 2017
What Will Cure Us? Mishpacha Magazine August 30, 2017
Making Jews Great; Positive Parenting Mishpacha Magazine August 23, 2017
Sacrificing Others for the Cause; Picking Fights to Avoid Obligation Mishpacha Magazine July 28, 2017
Hurray; What about the Right to Live? Mishpacha Magazine July 21, 2017
Helping Single Mothers and Their Children Celebrate Pesach April 6, 2017
Politics Isn't Everything Yated Ne'eman February 17, 2017
Promises, Promises Yated Ne'eman August 26, 2016
Two on National Sovereignty; The Delight of English Spoken Well Jerusalem Post, Mishpacha Magazine July 15, 2016
Stop, Look Around, Do Something; Why We Laugh March 26, 2016
Zuroff Redux Mishpacha Magazine February 5, 2016
The U.S.Grows Ever More Meddlesome Yated Ne'eman January 22, 2016
A World of Giving: From the Bitter Comes the Sweet September 19, 2015
A Chance to Make a Smaller Tzedakah Contribution into a Large One for SHUVU June 23, 2015
Br June 4, 2015
Parashas Bo -- Yes, Change is Possible; The Advantages of Being a Minority Mishpacha Magazine January 23, 2015
Two Engagements December 14, 2014
Parashas Masei 5774 Mishpacha Magazine July 23, 2014
Mrs. Hinde Tress, a"h: A Personal Remembrance Yated Neeman May 30, 2014
Tzav 5774 -- A Brutal King Like Haman; A Moshol for Every Baal Teshuva; NY Times vs. Thomas Friedman March 22, 2014
Parashas Yisro 5774 -- Data, Not Anecdotes: My Mother for Always Mishpacha Magazine January 17, 2014
VaYeishev 5774 November 22, 2013
VaYishlach 5774 Mishpacha Magazine November 15, 2013
Parashas Va'yerei -- Torah Hero; Reb Gershon Binyamin Burd, zt"l.: Making Every Moment Count October 20, 2013
MK Lipman a Bad Choice to Keynote RCA Coinventio Yated Ne'eman June 12, 2013
Response to Jay Michaelson Jewish Forward May 28, 2013
Benghazi Scorecard Yated Ne'eman May 24, 2013
No End Game in Sight in Gaza Yated Ne'eman November 23, 2012
.Va'yeira 5773 -- The Case for Optimism; Overcoming Adversity Mishpacha Magazine November 2, 2012
Nitzavim 5773 -- September/Tishrei Surprise Mishpacha Magazine September 27, 2012
Tazria-Metzorah 5772: The "Blue Model" and Torah Jewry; A Parenting Nugget from Rav Sheinberg, zt"l, Reset on Israel after the Elections Mishpacha Magazine April 18, 2012
Yisro 5772 -- The Light of Shabbos and Shabbos without Lights; Memories of the Family Dinner Mishpacha Magazine February 9, 2012
Va'Yechi 5772 -- Learning from Shimon and Levi; If They Can Mention G-d, Why Can't We Mishpacha Magazine January 4, 2012
VaYikra 5771 Mishpacha Magazine April 3, 2011
Shemos 5771 -- Nixon-Kissinger Tape; Rabbis' Letter; Wikileaks Mishpacha Magazine December 23, 2010
Vayishlach -- Russian Refuseniks 30 years later; American Jews Flunk Again Mishpacha Magazine November 23, 2010
For the Sake of Klal Yisrael Jerusalem Post November 13, 2010
Va'yatzei November 12, 2010
Will American Jews Pass the Test? May 3, 2010
Of rites and risks February 11, 2005
A Torah, not a template Baltimore Jewish Times March 19, 2004
Ethics and Ironies Am Echad Resources November 1, 2002
The Shopping Bag Ladies Am Echad Resources October 25, 2002
Back to Peoplehood Am Echad Resources October 11, 2002
When the Medium is a (Misleading) Message Am Echad Resources October 8, 2002
Whose Avraham? Am Echad Resources October 4, 2002
Most valuable players Am Echad Resources August 30, 2002
Twin teachings Am Echad Resources August 23, 2002
A time to cry Am Echad Resources August 16, 2002
Yes, Ernest, there is a Jewish plot Am Echad Resources August 9, 2002
Maintaining memory Am Echad Resources June 28, 2002
Verbal Violence Am Echad Resources June 10, 2002
Kindness amid terror Am Echad Resources May 15, 2002
Where Credit is Due Am Echad Resources April 26, 2002
Trapped in Time Am Echad Resources April 19, 2002
Stand and Deliver Am Echad Resources April 5, 2002
Crossing Lines Am Echad Resources March 31, 2002
Designer Theft Am Echad Resources March 22, 2002
What's with the fours? Am Echad Resources March 8, 2002
Playing the anti-semitism card Am Echad Resources March 4, 2002
Who is a Perceptive Jew? Am Echad Resources February 21, 2002
Blood Libel Am Echad Resources February 15, 2002
Mercy Refined Am Echad Resources February 15, 2002
Fighting Iron with Irony Am Echad Resources February 8, 2002
Welcoming My Jewish Cousin Home Am Echad Resources February 1, 2002
A time for compassion Am Echad Resources January 25, 2002
Channeling for G-d Am Echad Resources January 18, 2002
Invisible Matters Am Echad Resources January 11, 2002
Little Bodies Am Echad Resources January 4, 2002
Let's stop pretending Am Echad Resources January 4, 2002
High Tech Haredim Am Echad Resources January 4, 2002
A hand, not a handout Am Echad Resources December 28, 2001
No shame in ensuring the Jewish future Am Echad Resources December 21, 2001
Confessions of a Jewish fundamentalist Am Echad Resources December 17, 2001
A letter to Mr. Ghassan Elashi Am Echad Resources December 12, 2001
Confessions of a Jewish fundamentalist Am Echad Resources December 7, 2001
My Auschwitz spoon Chanukah Am Echad Resources November 30, 2001
Orthodox get an earful at national convention Am Echad Resources November 30, 2001
Fundamental Decency Am Echad Resources November 21, 2001
A Long, Strange Trip Indeed Am Echad Resources November 16, 2001
Amid the quiet, time to speak Am Echad Resources November 16, 2001
It was Torah Am Echad Resources November 9, 2001
Mother Rachel's Yahrtzeit Am Echad Resources November 1, 2001
Dissembling Before G-d Am Echad Resources October 26, 2001
Dissembling Before G-d Am Echad Resources October 26, 2001
A sad sermon Am Echad Resources October 19, 2001
Boruch Hashem Am Echad Resources September 30, 2001
Durban deja vu Am Echad Resources September 7, 2001
Half the story on homosexuality Jerusalem Post September 7, 2001
A true Jewish leader Am Echad Resources August 27, 2001
Getting Biblical Am Echad Resources August 6, 2001
Jerusalem's Bambi Am Echad Resources July 27, 2001
Arson’s varied uses Am Echad Resources July 24, 2001
History Abuse Am Echad Resources July 23, 2001
Declaration of Independence Am Echad Resources July 17, 2001
Message From McVeigh Am Echad Resources June 18, 2001
An Encouraging Media Story Am Echad Resources June 11, 2001
Missionaries Impossible Am Echad Resources June 4, 2001
Addressing Same-Sex Attraction Am Echad Resources May 20, 2001
Bless Peter Singer Am Echad Resources April 30, 2001
Bible Bashing 101 Am Echad Resources April 23, 2001
Getting In Touch With Our Inner Slaves Am Echad Resources April 16, 2001
Ice and Fire Am Echad Resources March 26, 2001
Grandpa’s Little Girl Am Echad Resources February 21, 2001
Lincoln's Jews Am Echad Resources February 5, 2001
Gifted Am Echad Resources January 29, 2001
Haredi Medical Service Assists Am Echad Resources January 22, 2001
Go Reconfigure! Am Echad Resources January 17, 2001
Surprise Ending Am Echad Resources January 2001
Meriting A miracle Am Echad Resources January 2001
Immoral Equivalence Am Echad Resources January 2001
Hatred and Hope Am Echad Resources January 2001
Bronx bomber Am Echad Resources December 29, 2000
A level praying field Am Echad Resources December 29, 2000
Dear Sean - A Father Writes to His Son About Intermarriage Am Echad Resources December 25, 2000
Making Connections Am Echad Resources October 30, 2000
A modest proposal Am Echad Resources September 18, 2000
A Tisha B'Av Memory Am Echad Resources September 7, 2000
International Jew Am Echad Resources June 12, 2000
Judaism (c) Am Echad Resources April 17, 2000
Defining Morality Down Am Echad Resources April 3, 2000
"Kadosh" – The Real Story Am Echad Resources March 6, 2000
Living Wired, Losing our Grip Am Echad Resources January 31, 2000
An Informed Reform Jew’s Lament Am Echad Resources January 2000
Common Jewish Language, R.I.P. Am Echad Resources December 13, 1999
My Daughter's More Religious Than I Am Am Echad Resources November 15, 1999
An Impressive, Disturbing Ad Am Echad Resources October 4, 1999
Happiness is a Warm Sukkah Am Echad Resources September 27, 1999
Jewish Joy for Cancer Camp Kids Am Echad Resources August 23, 1999
"Jewish State": The True Constitutional Meaning Am Echad Resources August 9, 1999
Distinguished Service Am Echad Resources August 2, 1999
Adam and Eve in the garden of Jerusalem Am Echad Resources July 26, 1999
The dangers of open windows Am Echad Resources July 19, 1999
Cinema Non-Verite Am Echad Resources July 5, 1999


Book Title Publication Date
To kindle a soul
by Rabbi Leib Kelemen
Chicago Jewish Times October 7, 2001
Destined to survive
by Israel I. Cohen
Am Echad Resources September 21, 2001
Rigshei Lev - Women and Tefillah
by Rabbi Menachem Nissel
Jerusalem Post July 13, 2001
From Central Park to Sinai: How I found my Jewish soul
by Roy S. Neuberger
The Jewish Observer May 1, 2001
Go, My Son
by Chaim Shapiro
Am Echad Resources January 15, 2001
Faith & Fate - The Story of the Jewish People In the Twentieth Century
by Rabbi Berel Wein
The Jerusalem Post January 7, 2001
Jew vs. Jew: Cracks in the American mosaic
by Samuel G. Freedman
The Jewish Observer November 1, 2000

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