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Chesed (Charity) Organizations

Chai Lifeline - An international, non-profit organization started by the American Orthodox community to provide social and emotional support services to children with life threatening illnesses, their families and communities.

ChesedNet - A website that provides information and referral services for all types of charity organizations throughout the world.

Ezra L'Marpeh - A voluntary organization started by the Orthodox community in Israel which provides information, referrals and medical equipment to the needy in Israel.

Ezer Mizion - A health support organization started and run by the Orthodox community in Israel, whose aim is to provide all Israelis with a wide variety of services to supplement the country's health care system.

Migdal Ohr - Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman founded Migdal Ohr in 1972 for the express purpose of providing education and social guidance for poor, disadvantaged children from underprivileged and problem homes. Today, Migdal Ohr�s mission is to help poor and disadvantaged children from all over Israel and seeks to fully develop their academic, social, and emotional potential and provide them with all they need to become responsible, happy and productive citizens.

Nefesh - The International Network of Orthodox Mental Health Professionals.

Yad Sarah - Israel's largest volunteer organization providing free or nominal cost services for the sick, disabled and elderly.

Zichron Menachem - The Israeli Association for the Support of Children with Cancer and their Families.

Jewish News and Information Resources

Aish Hatorah Magazine - A web magazine providing articles of interest on Judaism.

Daniel Pipes - A website with a collection of his columns on the middle east and Islamic fundamentalism.

Jewish World Review - A daily web magazine with articles for those interested in Judaism and conservative values.

Jewish America - A web site of information on Torah observant Jewry in America.

Jewish Action Magazine - The Orthodox Union's monthly publication.

Manof - The Jewish Information Center providing information on the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel.

MEMRI - The Middle East Media and Research Institute. An independent and non-profit organization providing translations of Arabic and Farsi media.

Palestine Media Watch - A watchdog organization monitoring the Palestinian media and other public forums.

Project Genesis - A website that provides educational material and on-line classes about Judaism.

Learning Institutions

Aish Hatorah - A Jewish learning institute in Israel providing programs for women and men from introductory to advanced levels.

Neve Yerushalayim - The largest most diverse Jewish women's learning institution in Israel with over 900 students, and 9 different programs geared to meet the needs of students from different countries. They also offer several professional training programs for college credit.

Ohr Somayach - A Jerusalem-based international network of Jewish educational programs and schools for young men with limited background in Judaism and a program for training leaders for Jewish communities around the world.

Media Analysis

CAMERA - The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

Honest Reporting - An organization that scrutinizes the media for anti-Israel bias and then mobilizes subscribers to write to news agencies.

IMRA - An independent news organization that provides an extensive digest on the Arab-Israeli conflict including news, polls and interviews.

Israel's Media Watch - A civic, non-profit advocacy group that monitors and researches the professional and ethical standards of the Israeli media to pinpoint political and cultural bias. They publish their findings of the extent to which the media complies with codes of ethics, decency and objective reporting and act in the sphere of public accountability including the courts, the Knesset and media institutions themselves.

Religious Services

The Orthodox Union - A non-profit educational, outreach and social service organization for North American and Canadian Jewry.

Go Daven - The largest Orthdox minyan database of its kind, providing lists of synagogue information and prayer times in thousands of locations worldwide.

Think Tanks

The Shalem Center - A research institute for Jewish and Israeli thought.

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