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Title Publication Date
Feldman's Bad Faith Jerusalem Post August 7, 2007
Living without Sharon London Jewish Tribune January 12, 2006
Towards a coherent doctrine of free speech- Part I Hamodia August 19, 2005
High-tech Israel taps into ultra-Orthodox talent Financial Times June 7, 2005
Must Orthodox fiction be so fictional? Jewish Word Review February 15, 2005
Rethinking democracy in Iraq Hamodia June 13, 2004
Beitar Illit mourns admired youth counselor, killed in last week's bus bomb Haaretz February 6, 2004
Immigrant who worked with youth remembered after deadly bombing JTA February 1, 2004
Food for (kosher) thought Haaretz January 25, 2004
Impure intentions The Jewish Week December 4, 2003
Suicide Bombing Tests Ultra-Orthodox Views of Suffering Cox News October 3, 2003
Yad B'Yad rescues Jewish girls Jerusalem Post August 7, 2003
Orthodox replace blame game with soul-searching Jewish Chronicle August 2003
Seven haredim arrested in Jerusalem Shabbat violence to be indicted Jerusalem Post July 7, 2003
Haredi housewives anxious over cuts Jerusalem Post May 30, 2003
Pushing Aliyah The Jewish Week December 13, 2002
Societal Time Bomb In Israel The Jewish Week November 21, 2002
'Over-zealous immigration' blamed for rise in anti-Semitism Sunday Telegraph November 17, 2002
The Once-a-Year Search for the Perfect Citron The New York Times September 25, 2002
Between the lines: Fear and loathing in London Ha'aretz September 9, 2002
Rosh Hashana: In the context of violent conflict with the Palestinians, the New Year takes on added meaning for Jews The Baltimore Sun September 5, 2002
In the study house of an August Elul Ha'aretz August 22, 2002
Natorei Karta ostracized by British Orthodoxy The Jerusalem Post May 23, 2002
Israel has nothing to hide The New York Times May 4, 2002
Remaining Faithful The Jerusalem Post Magazine May 2, 2002
Weapons Accompany Worship in Jerusalem Newsday April 29, 2002
Umbrella Group of Orthodox Condemn Hareidi PLO-Sympathizers Arutz-7 News April 28, 2002
The Orthodox disproportionately represented at rallies The Forward April 26, 2002
The Orthodox and Israel Remembrance Day April 15, 2002
Tourism is down, but Orthodox return to Israeli yeshivas in droves JTA April 11, 2002
1,200 students study in pre-army yeshivot Jerusalem Post March 10, 2002
Yeshiva students undeterred by terror attack close to home in Jerusalem's Beit Yisrael Ha'aretz Daily March 8, 2002
Israel mourns as 10 fall to lone Palestinian sniper The Boston Globe March 4, 2002
Court orders Israel to register non-Orthodox converts as Jews Los Angeles Times February 21, 2002
Orthodox Jews lose ruling on Conversion The Boston Globe February 21, 2002
Press Statement on Israel Supreme Court's acceptance of Reform and Conservative conversions February 20, 2002
Intermarriage, low birth rates threaten Diaspora Jewry Ha'aretz February 13, 2002
The Torah's view of continuing life support Arutz Sheva January 10, 2002
A blanket of trust Hermes Magazine December 27, 2001
Bnei Brak program aims to put breast cancer on Haredi agenda Ha'aretz Daily-Anglo File December 21, 2001
Women of the Wall prepare to fight bill that would outlaw their prayer JTA December 17, 2001
Kohanim Advised to Fly From Israel at Night Hamodia November 23, 2001
Stretching a Jewish Vigil for the Sept. 11 Dead The New York Times November 6, 2001
Israeli religious mourn Shach, secularism's foe The Atlanta Journal-Constitution November 3, 2001
Bus Route from Jerusalem to Bnei Brak November 1, 2001
Rachel's Tomb October 28, 2001
A "Great Awakening" Jerusalem Post October 10, 2001
Simchat Torah BBC Radio October 9, 2001
Rabbis take aim at women in ranks Los Angeles Times August 24, 2001
Rabbi returns to U.S. roots Baltimore Sun July 31, 2001
Getting away from it all Jerusalem Post Magazine July 20, 2001


Book Title Publication Date
One People, Two Worlds: A Reform Rabbi and an Orthodox Rabbi Explore the Issues That Divide Them
by Ammiel Hirsch and Yaakov Yosef Reinman
February 2003

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