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Title Publication Date
Better Together: The Lessons They Left Us Mishpacha Magazine September 16, 2020
A Belated Debt of Gratitude: A Rosh Hashanah Mashal Mishpacha Magazine September 9, 2020
When Politics Corrupts Science Mishpacha Magazine September 2, 2020
Out of Court Defense Mishpacha Magazine August 26, 2020
For the Love of Mom; That Was a Jewish Mother Mishpacha Magazine August 20, 2020
For the Love of Mom; That Was a Jewish Mother Mishpacha Magazine August 20, 2020
Who is An Anti-Semite Mishpacha Magazine August 5, 2020
Jewish Complicity Yet Again Mishpacha Magazine July 29, 2020
Your Name We Did Not Forget Mishpacha Magazine July 22, 2020
A Word is a Word; An Unexpected Gift Mishpacha Magazine July 8, 2020
Our Shameless Media; The Politics of Self-Destruction Mishpacha Magazine June 10, 2020
Those Who Chose to Stay Mishpacha Magazine May 20, 2020
A Few Minutes with Professor Irwin Cotler Mishpacha Magazine May 6, 2020
That Was a Leader Mishpacha Magazine April 22, 2020
The Gift of Life Mishpacha Magazine April 22, 2020
Undeserved Gifts Mishpacha Magazine April 5, 2020
The Intellect and the Exodus Mishpacha Magazine April 1, 2020
Trump Changes the Conversation Mishpacha Magazine February 19, 2020
Out to Save the World Mishpacha Magazine February 5, 2020
What I Learned from Rabbi Noach Weinberg February 4, 2020
On Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin Mishpacha Magazine January 23, 2020
His Portion Was Sweet Mishpacha Magazine January 8, 2020
Just One Shabbos; Step Out of the Picture Mishpacha Magazine November 13, 2019
The End of King Bibi? Mishpacha Magazine October 10, 2019
Grasping the Great Truth September 18, 2019
Just a Call Away Mishpacha Magazine July 2, 2019
Will Netanyahu Sink Judicial Reform? Mishpacha Magazine May 29, 2019
Our Hidden Power Mishpacha Magazine May 22, 2019
Many Limbs, One Body; Quality Trumps Quantity Mishpacha Magazine May 8, 2019
No Shortcuts to Great Kds Mishpacha Magazine April 3, 2019
Words That Flow Like Water Mishpacha Magazine March 6, 2019
Where Do You Come From? February 13, 2019
Taking Respnsibility for a Fellow Jew Mishpacha Magazine January 23, 2019
Are You Making a Kiddush Hashem?; Ears Open at a Shiva Call Mishpacha Magazine January 16, 2019
An Irresistible Call Mishpacha Magazine December 27, 2018
Coming Full Circle Mishpacha Magazine December 12, 2018
Hope, and then Hope Again Mishpacha Magazine December 5, 2018
Passing the Test Mishpacha Magazine October 24, 2018
The Action is the Reward: When More is Less Mishpacha Magazine October 11, 2018
Masterpiece Cakeshop -- Round II; Be Kind, Always; Connected, but Not Mishpacha Magazine August 30, 2018
Jeremy Corbyn Scares Britain's Jews: Anti-Semitism: Who Cares? Mishpacha Magazine August 22, 2018
Rav Meir Schuster and His Times Mishpacha Magazine August 7, 2018
Watch What You Count; Mishpacha Magazine July 4, 2018
On the Road Mishpacha Magazine June 6, 2018
In Budapest, a Thirst for Torah Mishpacha Magazine May 16, 2018
A Dying Wish Mishpacha Magazine May 9, 2018
Helping Our Kids Find Their Mission Mishpacha Magazine April 18, 2018
There is Usually Another Side Mishpacha Magazine March 14, 2018
Quiet Greatness Mishpacha Magazine March 7, 2018
What We Lost January 19, 2018
President Trump's Big Idea Yated Ne'eman January 16, 2018
The Mitzvos We Do for Ourselves; Partisanship and Religion Don't Mix January 4, 2018
Rejoicing with Reb Sholom Mordechai: Cheers from Jerusalem for President Trump Mishpacha Magazine December 28, 2017
No More Suffering in Silence Mishpacha December 24, 2017
Birthright Drops Reform: Happy Birthday, Mrs. Halberstadt Mishpacha Magazine December 7, 2017
HaRav HaGaon Rav Aharon Leib Steinman,ztz"l; Mishpacha Magazine December 2, 2017
Tzipi Is Right Mishpacha Magazine November 30, 2017
Selling a Defective Product: October 19, 2017
Just One Undertaking Can Make a Huge Difference Mishpacha Magazine September 27, 2017
Making His Story Ours; Time to Take It Up a Notch Mishpacha Magazine September 18, 2017
The (Almost) Perfect Husband; The Dignity of the Ordinary Mishpacha Magazine September 13, 2017
Making Jews Great; Positive Parenting Mishpacha Magazine August 23, 2017
Mike's Message Mishpacha Magazine June 30, 2017
Reflections on the Harvard Rescissions; Only One Mission Mishpacha Magazine June 23, 2017
Why Donald Trump is President; Chaverim Means Being Connected Mishpacha Magazine June 9, 2017
Two on the Six-Day War Mishpacha Magazine May 26, 2017
Whither the Adults?; Rabbi Shlomo Pappenheim, zt"l Mishpacha Magazine May 12, 2017
Trump Plunges into Middle East Peacemaking Yated Ne'eman May 12, 2017
Drawing Our Fellow Jews Close: Beware of High Places Mishpacha Magazine May 5, 2017
Rabbi Nisson Wolpin, zt"l Mishpacha Magazine April 28, 2017
Loving Your Fellow Jew Mishpacha Magazine April 7, 2017
Political Correctness Where it Hurts Most -- the IDF; Rav Moshe's Tears Mishpacha Magazine March 31, 2017
Free Sholom Now; Reflections on the Passing of the Generation of the Holocaust Mishpacha Magazine February 4, 2017
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -- Failed Prophet Mishpacha Magazine January 27, 2017
Two on HaRav HaGaon Rav Moshe Shapira, zt"l. (This time there really are two.) Yated Ne'eman, Mishpacha Magazine January 12, 2017
Two on HaRav HaGaon Rav Moshe Shapira, zt"l. (Some repetition) Yated Ne'eman, Mishpacha Magazine January 12, 2017
The Pathetic Ms. Power; What Could be Wrong with Lighting a Candle? Mishpacha Magazine January 5, 2017
Obama Gets In his Last Licks at Israel December 30, 2016
Good Riddance Mishpacha Magazine December 9, 2016
Knowing What You Don't Know; Preventing Needless Deaths Mishpacha Magazine December 2, 2016
Some Random Thoughts the Day After Mishpacha Magazine November 18, 2016
Dodging the Bullet Yated Ne'eman November 18, 2016
Why No #Never Hilllary? Yated Ne'eman November 4, 2016
The Last Link Mishpacha Magazine October 14, 2016
How Distant Have We Become; Leaving Behind the Past to Face the Future Mishpacha Magazine September 30, 2016
A Party of Liars Yated Ne'eman September 9, 2016
Mrs. Eva Lou Chapman, a"h: A 100% Jew Mishpacha Magazine September 2, 2016
In Praise of BIbi Yated Ne'eman August 29, 2016
Thank you, Miss Meisterheim; A Life to be Emulated Mishpacha Magazine July 22, 2016
Two on National Sovereignty; The Delight of English Spoken Well Jerusalem Post, Mishpacha Magazine July 15, 2016
Suffering in Silence No Longer Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman June 23, 2016
You're Not as Smart as You Think Mishpacha Magazine June 3, 2016
Ariel's Final Gift Mishpacha Magazine June 1, 2016
Thoughts on Bogie's Departure; The Ability to Really Hear Mishpacha Magazine May 27, 2016
Loose Lips Sink Countries; A Nightmare from Which There is No Awaking Mishpacha Magazine May 24, 2016
Selling the Iran Deal Yated Ne'eman May 13, 2016
A True Educational Officer -- Paul Laster, zt"l Mishpacha Magazine May 6, 2016
Remembering the Yaldei Teheran; Justice Antonin Scalia Mishpacha Magazine March 26, 2016
Kol Haposel B'Mumo Posel; We Are All Confused Mishpacha Magazine January 14, 2016
Empowering Parents; Everything is Inscribed Mishpacha Magazine December 11, 2015
Blessed are the Givers; Can Trump be the Leader We Deserve? Mishpacha Magazine November 13, 2015
What Netanyahu Meant to Say, and Why It's So Important Mishpacha Magazine November 6, 2015
Reb Elya Lopian on the Shidduch Crisis; Progressivism Distilled Mishpacha Magazine October 16, 2015
Giving Honor Where Honor is Due; A Delicate Balance; Hillary's No Friend Mishpacha Magazine September 25, 2015
A World of Giving: From the Bitter Comes the Sweet September 19, 2015
The Power of Forgiveness I; The Power of Forgiveness II Mishpacha Magazine September 18, 2015
Elul Is Ebbing Away; Rabbi Dovid Landesman, zt"l Mishpacha Magazine September 4, 2015
A New Age of Theory Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman August 7, 2015
Learning Empathy; Woman of Valor: Think Before Speaking Mishpacha Magazine August 7, 2015
The End of an Era: A Course for Chareidi MKs Mishpacha Magazine July 31, 2015
Michael Oren and the Decline of American Jewry; Good Riddance, Abe Mishpacha Magazine June 30, 2015
Michael Oren's Cri de Coeur Yated Ne'eman June 26, 2015
Too Late Comes to Soon; President Obama Goes to Synagogue Mishpacha Magazine May 29, 2015
What Brian Williams Teaches Us Mishpacha Magazine February 19, 2015
Parashas Bo -- Yes, Change is Possible; The Advantages of Being a Minority Mishpacha Magazine January 23, 2015
Ve'eira 5775 -- GIl Tal Obligates All of Us: Je Suis Juif Mishpacha Magazine January 16, 2015
Vayeishev 5775 -- What Can We Do for Them?; Change in order to Preserve Mishpacha Magazine December 12, 2014
Parashas Chayei Sarah 5775 -- False Humanization; Judgment Rendered Mishpacha Magazine November 19, 2014
Parashas Ki Seitzei -- Showing We Care; Between the Tzaddik and His Opposite Mishpacha Magazine September 5, 2014
Parashas Pinchas -- Our Debt to Eyal, Naftali, and Gil-ad; Blessed are the Critics July 11, 2014
Parashas Nasso 5774 -- Toxic Envy; A Special Siyum Mishpacha Magazine May 30, 2014
Mrs. Hinde Tress, a"h: A Personal Remembrance Yated Neeman May 30, 2014
Be'Chukosaid 5774 -- For the Love of Jews Mishpacha Magazine May 16, 2014
Behar 5774 -- Prepare to be Surprised; Carrying the Sparks of the Seder Forward Mishpacha Magazine May 9, 2014
Kedoshim 5774 -- Taking the Reins of Torah Leadership; Who Wants to be Like Us?; Upshlugged, Happily Mishpacha Magazine April 25, 2014
Tzav 5774 -- A Brutal King Like Haman; A Moshol for Every Baal Teshuva; NY Times vs. Thomas Friedman March 22, 2014
VaYikra 5774 -- Belated Confirmation; An Atzeres Tefillah Mishpacha Magazine March 6, 2014
Pikudei 5774 -- Rabbi Meir Schuster, zt"l Mishpacha Magazine February 26, 2014
VaYakel 5774 -- Rabbi Dovid Keleti: A Jew with a Mission Mishpacha Magazine February 19, 2014
Ki Sisa 5774 -- Shlach Lachmecha; Another Lesson from the Gross Tragedy; Barry Rubin, a"h Mishpacha Magazine February 11, 2014
Parashas Mishpatim 5774 -- Facts Trump Theory; What Sam Taught us All Mishpacha Magazine January 24, 2014
Did The New York TImes Help Hillary? Yated Ne'eman January 10, 2014
Shemos 5774 -- Public Figure, Moral Spokesman; Trust is Fragile Mishpacha Magazine December 20, 2013
To Provide and Protect Mishpacha Magazine December 13, 2013
VaYeitzei 5774 Mishpacha Magazine November 8, 2013
Chaye Sarah 5774 -- Some Good News for a Change; Who is a Racist? Mishpacha Magazine October 25, 2013
Parashas Va'yerei -- Torah Hero; Reb Gershon Binyamin Burd, zt"l.: Making Every Moment Count October 20, 2013
Ki Seitzei 5773 -- Envying the Ger; Why the Smile Mishpacha Magazine August 16, 2013
Re'eh 5773 -- The Rebbi You Wish You Had; An Ounce of Protection Mishpacha Magazine August 2, 2013
When Goodness Rises to Greatness (on Abraham Lincoln) Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman July 26, 2013
Parashas Mattos-Massai 5773 -- Loss of Depth; Amongst His People Mishpacha Magazine July 5, 2013
An Apology and Rebuttal to MK Rabbi Dov Lipman Cross-Currents June 20, 2013
Parashas Balak 5773 Mishpacha June 19, 2013
Parashas Shlach 5773 Mishpacha Magazine June 5, 2013
Acharei Mos-Kedoshim: Intimations of Mortality: Margaret Thatcher: Philo-Semite Mishpacha Magazine April 19, 2013
Letting Go of Hatred Jerusalem Post March 29, 2013
VaYikra 5773 -- Israelis Seek to Fill The Black Hole of the Soul; Extraordinary Ordinary People Mishpacha Magazine March 15, 2013
Ki Sisa 5773 -- The Man I Thought I Knew Mishpacha Magazine February 28, 2013
Lieutenant Meyer Birnbaum, zt"l Yated Ne'eman February 28, 2013
Three Heroes Yated Ne'eman February 15, 2013
Terumah 5773 -- Lapid Throws Down the Gauntlet; Do We Have an Answer; Heroes in Old Vessels Mishpacha Magazine February 15, 2013
Yisro 5773 -- Why Prosecute; The Man from Vilna Mishpacha Magazine February 1, 2013
Beshelach 5773 -- A World of Abundance or One of Scarcity; Mrs. Chana Scherman, a"h Mishpacha Magazine January 16, 2013
Parashas Shemos -- A Fearful Community; Revelers Alert; Remembering Robert Bork Mishpacha Magazine January 11, 2013
Remembering Rav Mendel Weinbach, zt"l Mishpacha Magazine December 20, 2012
Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, zt"l: The Reward for Diligence Jerusalem Post July 27, 2012
Parashas Pinchas 5772 -- Our Walls Have Been Breached; Small Actions Big Results Mishpacha Magazine July 6, 2012
Parashas Balak 5772 -- Why we are drawn to humiliy; Admitting we don't know; Leave it to the Experts Mishpacha Magazine July 4, 2012
On Writing Gadol Biographies Mishpacha Magazine June 22, 2012
Israel and Jewish Identity Mishpacha Magazine June 15, 2012
Acharei Mos 5772 -- Self-Confidence vs. Self-Esteem; Identity Theft Mishpacha Magazine April 25, 2012
Tazria-Metzorah 5772: The "Blue Model" and Torah Jewry; A Parenting Nugget from Rav Sheinberg, zt"l, Reset on Israel after the Elections Mishpacha Magazine April 18, 2012
Erev Pesach 5772 -- True Independence; Are These Not Jewish Children?; An Apt Comparison Mishpacha Magazine April 6, 2012
Bo 5772 -- Israeli Supreme Court Affirms Self-Preservation; Defeating the Terrorists Within; Comrades-in-Arms Mishpacha Magazine January 25, 2012
First, let's calm down Jerusalem Post December 23, 2011
Va'yetzei 5772 -- Are We Viewing the Past through Rose-Colored Glasses?; When a Tzaddik Leave the City Mishpacha Magazine November 30, 2011
Arichas Yomim Yated Ne'eman September 26, 2011
Pinchos 5771 -- The Emptiness is Total; Modern Greeks; Sarah Can Write Mishpacha Magazine July 13, 2011
Balak 5771 -- The Rav-Talmid Relationship; Holding the Torah World to its Own Standards: The Limits of Hypocrisy Mishpacha Magazine July 6, 2011
Parashas Nasso 5771 -- Why Bother Debating?; Everyone Needs a Mussar Mentor; Who's Brain Dead? Mishpacha Magazine June 18, 2011
Emor 5771 -- Whither Syria? Whither America?; No Diamond Ring for the Kallah -- Epilogue; Harvard Graduation Mussar Mishpacha Magazine May 4, 2011
VaYikra 5771 Mishpacha Magazine April 3, 2011
Rabbi Zechariah Fendel, zt"l, a Quintessential Mashpia Mishpacha Magazine February 23, 2011
Bo 5771 -- A Closed Mouth and a Blind Eye: Jonathan Pollard Mishpacha Magazine January 5, 2011
Va'eira 5771 -- Feeling the Tza'ar of Klal Yisrael; Men of Vision; The Good Guys Win Mishpacha Magazine December 30, 2010
Homerun or Strikeout: A Reply to Rabbi Shafran Yated Ne'eman December 29, 2010
Shemos 5771 -- Nixon-Kissinger Tape; Rabbis' Letter; Wikileaks Mishpacha Magazine December 23, 2010
Va'Yechi -- Defending Eli Yishai; How not to Explain Tragedy Mishpacha Magazine December 16, 2010
What the Newest Nixon-Kissinger Tape Reveals Yated Ne'eman December 15, 2010
Vayishlach -- Russian Refuseniks 30 years later; American Jews Flunk Again Mishpacha Magazine November 23, 2010
For the Sake of Klal Yisrael Jerusalem Post November 13, 2010
Mishpacha Blog 325 -- Erev Rosh Hashanah 5771 Mishpacha Magazine September 8, 2010
Mishpacha Blog 324 -- Parashas Nitzavim-Vayeleich Mishpacha Magazine September 1, 2010
How will we be remembered Mishpacha Magazine July 1, 2010
Chanina Bni Mishpacha Magazine June 1, 2010
Mr. Klal Yisrael May 13, 2010
Dr. Bernard Lander, zt"l: Visionary Mishpacha Magazine February 17, 2010
Tiger and Us Jerusalem Post December 24, 2009

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