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Title Publication Date
If it Walks Like an Anti-Semite . . . Mishpacha Magazine May 9, 2024
Hey, Kids, It's Cool to Hate Jews Mishpacha Magazine April 30, 2024
For Want of a Nail Mishpacha Magazine April 9, 2024
The Luxury Beliefs of the Elites Mishpacha Magazine March 12, 2024
Anti-Semitism for Smarties Mishpacha Magazine March 6, 2024
Can DEI be Reversed? Mishpacha Magazine January 9, 2024
Hothouses of Anti-Semitism Mishpacha Magazine January 3, 2024
Let's Debate That Mishpacha Magazine December 27, 2023
On Learning to Write Well Mishpacha Magazine December 5, 2023
Can't Anyone Think Straight Here? June 1, 2023
Hope for More Good Things to Come Mishpacha Magazine January 24, 2023
From the Bitter Comes the Sweet:; New Publications Mishpacha Magazine November 24, 2022
Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson in Jerusalem Mishpacha Magazine November 9, 2022
Pragmatism Gives Way to Magical Thinking Mishpacha Magazine October 6, 2022
"Follw the Science" -- Part I Mishpacha Magazine September 13, 2022
I'll Be There: The "Woke" Nightmare Mishpacha Magazine July 27, 2022
A Tale of Two Covenants Mishpacha Magazine June 1, 2022
Struggle Sessions in the Ivy League Mishpacha Magazine May 24, 2022
The Dangers of Virtue Signalling Mishpacha Magazine April 26, 2022
Early Lessons from Ukraine Mishpacha Magazine March 8, 2022
Give Rural Whites a Break Mishpacha Magazine February 22, 2022
Why Universities Matter Mishpacha Magazine February 1, 2022
Why the Universities Matter Mishpacha Magazine February 1, 2022
Seeds Planted Long Ago Mishpacha Magazine January 19, 2022
Profiles in Courage -- Not Mishpacha Magazine December 30, 2021
The Times Against Israel Mishpacha Magazine December 14, 2021
What's Wrong with "Anti-racism" Education; Laughing at the Wrong Joke Mishpacha Magazine November 16, 2021
Is it Racist to Work Hard and Be Nice? Mishpacha Magazine October 13, 2021
Big Tech Makes Media Failures Worse Yated Neeman June 30, 2021
Silly People vs Serious People Mishpacha Magazine June 30, 2021
The Press That Can't Shoot Straight and Doesn't Even Try Yated Neeman June 24, 2021
How and Where Did COVID-19 Begin? Yated Neeman June 2, 2021
Being A Journalist Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry Mishpacha Magazine April 28, 2021
An Oasis from Politics Mishpacha Magazine April 21, 2021
Keeping the Pot Boiling Mishpacha Magazine April 14, 2021
The Worship of Science Gone Awry Mishpacha Magazine March 3, 2021
President BIden's False Start Mishpacha Magazine February 17, 2021
Demography is the Real Cause for Anxiety Mishpacha Magazine January 6, 2021
Demography is the Real Cause for Anxiety Mishpacha Magazine January 6, 2021
Peeling Away the Parashah's Layers; Science is not the Yellow Brick Road Mishpacha Magazine December 2, 2020
Wokeness is Coming for Us Mishpacha Magazine November 4, 2020
Jewish Privilege is Real; What Would We Do Without Experts Mishpacha Magazine October 29, 2020
The Totalitarian Temptation Mishpacha Magazine October 15, 2020
When Politics Corrupts Science Mishpacha Magazine September 2, 2020
Out of Court Defense Mishpacha Magazine August 26, 2020
Who Will Pay the Price for Woke Culture? Mishpacha Magazine July 15, 2020
Whither My Old Friends; Case Closed, Questions Remain Mishpacha Magazine July 1, 2020
What Are They Smashing? Mishpacha Magazine June 24, 2020
What Became of America? Mishpacha Magazine June 18, 2020
What Became of America? Mishpacha Magazine June 18, 2020
Science Can't Tell Us What to Do Mishpacha Magazine May 13, 2020
Guiding Light or Dead Hand? Mishpacha Magazine March 4, 2020
Saving the Planet by Killing It Mishpacha Magazine December 4, 2019
Attorney General Barr to the Defense Mishpacha Magazine November 6, 2019
Grasping the Great Truth September 18, 2019
Arrogance Rewarded Mishpacha Magazine June 26, 2019
The Left's War on Science and Sanity; Lieberman, Chareidim and the Draft June 19, 2019
Coddled on Campus Mishpacha Magazine May 15, 2019
Helicopter Parent, Meet Coddled Kid Mishpacha Magazine April 10, 2019
Badgered Into Submission Mishpacha Magazine March 20, 2019
What Was the Court's Hurry: The Democrats Descent into Madness Mishpacha Magazine February 20, 2019
Too Quick to Judge: The Hate that Dare Speak Its Name Mishpacha Magazine January 31, 2019
Atonement -- Fake andReal Mishpacha Magazine September 20, 2018
Masterpiece Cakeshop -- Round II; Be Kind, Always; Connected, but Not Mishpacha Magazine August 30, 2018
Jeremy Corbyn Scares Britain's Jews: Anti-Semitism: Who Cares? Mishpacha Magazine August 22, 2018
Back to the Books Mishpacha Magazine August 1, 2018
Baking Up a Storm Mishpacha Magazine June 13, 2018
Face the Facts: Don't Suppress Them Mishpacha Magazine May 23, 2018
There is Usually Another Side Mishpacha Magazine March 14, 2018
No VIctim Here Mishpacha Magazine February 28, 2018
Can't We Just Be Friends? Mishpacha Magazine January 31, 2018
Trump Derangement Syndrome: the Case of Bret Stephens Yated Ne'eman January 12, 2018
How Can We Thrive Despite Moral Anarchy? Mishpacha Magazine September 6, 2017
Sacrificing Others for the Cause; Picking Fights to Avoid Obligation Mishpacha Magazine July 28, 2017
The Clueless West Yated Ne'eman July 21, 2017
The New Secular Orthodoxy Mishpacha Magazine July 14, 2017
Reflections on the Harvard Rescissions; Only One Mission Mishpacha Magazine June 23, 2017
Putin Wins Big Yated Ne'eman June 23, 2017
Out of the Mouths of Scientists Mishpacha Magazine June 16, 2017
Politics when there is no future Yated Neeman June 9, 2017
Why Donald Trump is President; Chaverim Means Being Connected Mishpacha Magazine June 9, 2017
Good Riddance Mishpacha Magazine December 9, 2016
Some Random Thoughts the Day After Mishpacha Magazine November 18, 2016
Why No #Never Hilllary? Yated Ne'eman November 4, 2016
The Last Link Mishpacha Magazine October 14, 2016
Strength from Love; The Gulag Comes to Houston Mishpacha Magazine August 12, 2016
Two on National Sovereignty; The Delight of English Spoken Well Jerusalem Post, Mishpacha Magazine July 15, 2016
Too BIg to Jail; A Rare Ability to Reconsider Mishpacha Magazine July 15, 2016
Britons Reclaim Their Liberty Yated Ne'eman June 30, 2016
You're Not as Smart as You Think Mishpacha Magazine June 3, 2016
Watch Out Theorists Ahead Yated Ne'eman June 3, 2016
Whither Common Sense? Jerusalem Post May 13, 2016
Selling the Iran Deal Yated Ne'eman May 13, 2016
Trumpism and What it Says About Us Yated Ne'eman March 11, 2016
High-Priced Kindergartens Mishpacha Magazine November 23, 2015
Reb Elya Lopian on the Shidduch Crisis; Progressivism Distilled Mishpacha Magazine October 16, 2015
Something New for Bein Hazmainim Mishpacha Magazine August 28, 2015
A New Age of Theory Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman August 7, 2015
Learning Empathy; Woman of Valor: Think Before Speaking Mishpacha Magazine August 7, 2015
Who Appointed Justice Kennedy Philosopher King? Mishpacha Magazine July 10, 2015
Campus Thought Control Yated Neeman July 10, 2015
Israel Led the Way -- Sadly Yated Ne'eman July 3, 2015
Michael Oren and the Decline of American Jewry; Good Riddance, Abe Mishpacha Magazine June 30, 2015
Erev Shavuos -- Holding On in a World Gone Mad Mishpacha Magazine May 15, 2015
What is the Alternative to Miliitary Attack? Yated Ne'eman April 17, 2015
Scott Walker's Challenge and Ours Mishpacha Magazine March 13, 2015
Parashas Ve'yeira 5775 -- Don't Do It, Dr. Emanuel; Peres's Folly Mishpacha Magazine November 25, 2014
Race Relations Regress under Obama Mishpacha Magazine October 25, 2014
What Do Gaza and Ferguson Have in Common Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman September 5, 2014
The Death of Free Speech on Campus Yated Neeman May 2, 2014
Tzav 5774 -- A Brutal King Like Haman; A Moshol for Every Baal Teshuva; NY Times vs. Thomas Friedman March 22, 2014
Shemini 5744 -- Dangerous Compartmentalization Mishpacha Magazine March 22, 2014
Parashas Mishpatim 5774 -- Facts Trump Theory; What Sam Taught us All Mishpacha Magazine January 24, 2014
Owning the Consequences Yated Ne'eman January 3, 2014
To Provide and Protect Mishpacha Magazine December 13, 2013
The Wheels Fall Off the Obamacare Bus Yated Ne'eman November 8, 2013
Parashas Lech Lecha 5774 -- Cassandra at Turtle Bay Mishpacha Magazine October 11, 2013
Acharei Mos-Kedoshim: Intimations of Mortality: Margaret Thatcher: Philo-Semite Mishpacha Magazine April 19, 2013
Three Heroes Yated Ne'eman February 15, 2013
Truth on Trial Yated Ne'eman January 25, 2013
Disproportionate Criticism Jerusalem Post December 12, 2012
Beware the Goodists Jerusalem Post November 16, 2012
Parashas Devarim 5772 -- Appreciating What We Have Mishpacha Magazine August 3, 2012
Parashas Balak 5772 -- Why we are drawn to humiliy; Admitting we don't know; Leave it to the Experts Mishpacha Magazine July 4, 2012
Tazria-Metzorah 5772: The "Blue Model" and Torah Jewry; A Parenting Nugget from Rav Sheinberg, zt"l, Reset on Israel after the Elections Mishpacha Magazine April 18, 2012
Erev Pesach 5772 -- True Independence; Are These Not Jewish Children?; An Apt Comparison Mishpacha Magazine April 6, 2012
Parashas Tzav -- Tragedy in Toulouse; Fairness for Some Mishpacha Magazine March 31, 2012
Purim in Contemporary Guise Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman March 2, 2012
Talmud Study and the Liberal Arts Jerusalem Post November 11, 2011
The Ugly Side of Idealism Jerusalem Post; Yated Ne'eman September 29, 2011
Twilight of the gods Jerusalem Post August 26, 2011
Balak 5771 -- The Rav-Talmid Relationship; Holding the Torah World to its Own Standards: The Limits of Hypocrisy Mishpacha Magazine July 6, 2011
Resist the Counsel of Despair Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman June 3, 2011
Parashas Behar 5771 -- Osama Memorial Issue Mishpacha Magazine May 11, 2011
Jewish Students Under Assault -- Part II Yated Ne'eman April 8, 2011
Jewish Students Under Assault -- Part I Yated Ne'eman April 1, 2011
Tzav 5771 -- Three on Adar Mishpacha Magazine March 9, 2011
Ki SIsa 5771 -- Multiculturalism and Us; A Vision of Klal Yisrael; Double Standards and Israel Mishpacha Magazine February 19, 2011
Is Criminalizing Holocaust Denial Wise Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman December 16, 2010
What the Newest Nixon-Kissinger Tape Reveals Yated Ne'eman December 15, 2010
Vayeishev 5771 -- The Value of an Ivy League Education; American Jewish History Museum Mishpacha Magazine December 3, 2010
Va'yatzei November 12, 2010
Toldos 5771 Mishpacha November 3, 2010
A Double Standard for Islam Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman October 29, 2010
Not Just a Question of Tolerance Mishpacha Magazine August 11, 2010
Know Your Enemy Yated Ne'eman July 15, 2010
A Response to Peter Beinart Yated Ne'eman, Jerusalem Post May 22, 2010
Free Speech Follies Jerusalem Post February 18, 2010
An Immoral Enemy Receives its Comeuppance Yated Ne'eman February 7, 2010

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