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Writings by Topic: American Government & Politics

Title Publication Date
Jews Take Note: Dems Are Not That Into You Mishpacha Magazine March 20, 2024
Another Really Bad Foreign Policy Idea -- Appeasing Iran Mishpacha Magazine February 6, 2024
The Return of Another Bad Idea -- The Two-State Solution Mishpacha Magazine January 30, 2024
Hothouses of Anti-Semitism Mishpacha Magazine January 3, 2024
Let's Debate That Mishpacha Magazine December 27, 2023
The Hunter Scorecard Mishpacha Magazine August 8, 2023
Judicial Reform for Me, but Not for Thee July 25, 2023
The Supreme Court's Big Week Mishpacha Magazine July 11, 2023
The Trump Indictment: Who Wins? Who Loses? Mishpacha Magazine June 27, 2023
The Trump Indictment: Who Wins? Who Loses? Mishpacha Magazine June 27, 2023
Beware the Censorship Industrial Complex Mishpacha Magazine June 13, 2023
Can't Anyone Think Straight Here? June 1, 2023
The Death Knell of Affirmative Action? Mishpacha Magazine December 6, 2022
The Red Wave That Wasn't; Back in Israel Mishpacha Magazine November 16, 2022
Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory; The Queen and I October 19, 2022
Pragmatism Gives Way to Magical Thinking Mishpacha Magazine October 6, 2022
A Naked Political Bribe Mishpacha Magazine September 6, 2022
The Full Meaning of Pro-Life Mishpacha Magazine August 9, 2022
I'll Be There: The "Woke" Nightmare Mishpacha Magazine July 27, 2022
Roe Begone Mishpacha Magazine July 17, 2022
Big News at the Supreme Court: The Bomb Thief and Other Curious Cases Mishpacha Magazine July 7, 2022
A Tale of Two Covenants Mishpacha Magazine June 1, 2022
Not a Simple Case; Pesach Cleaning Made Easy Mishpacha Magazine May 17, 2022
Scary and Scarier Yated Neeman March 15, 2022
Early Lessons from Ukraine Mishpacha Magazine March 8, 2022
Interventionism vs. Isolationism Yated Neeman March 4, 2022
The End of Affirmative Action in College Admissions? Mishpacha Magazine February 9, 2022
The End of Affirmative Action in College Admissions? Mishpacha Magazine February 9, 2022
What's Wrong with "Anti-racism" Education; Laughing at the Wrong Joke Mishpacha Magazine November 16, 2021
A Return to Sanity? Mishpacha Magazine November 10, 2021
Let the Parents Speak Mishpacha Magazine October 19, 2021
America's Humiliation (pre-Sukkos) Mishpacha Magazine September 14, 2021
Don't Run, Donald' Yated Neeman August 4, 2021
Big Tech Makes Media Failures Worse Yated Neeman June 30, 2021
Silly People vs Serious People Mishpacha Magazine June 30, 2021
The Press That Can't Shoot Straight and Doesn't Even Try Yated Neeman June 24, 2021
Fantasy Island Yated Neeman June 17, 2021
A Migrant Crisis of President Biden's Own Making Yated Neeman June 10, 2021
How and Where Did COVID-19 Begin? Yated Neeman June 2, 2021
Hamas's Enablers Yated Neeman May 27, 2021
An Open Wound on Israel's Body Politic Mishpacha Magazine May 26, 2021
Keeping the Pot Boiling Mishpacha Magazine April 14, 2021
The Seder as Civics Mishpacha Magazine March 24, 2021
President BIden's False Start Mishpacha Magazine February 17, 2021
Israeli "Racism" Again; Matters of Character -- A Historical Vignette Mishpacha Magazine January 27, 2021
Character Matters Mishpacha Magazine January 20, 2021
The Rise and Fall of Donald J.Trump Mishpacha Magazine January 13, 2021
Demography is the Real Cause for Anxiety Mishpacha Magazine January 6, 2021
No Easy Road to Truth Mishpacha Magazine December 23, 2020
Get Thee Gone Mishpacha Magazine November 25, 2020
Summing Up -- So Far Mishpacha Magazine November 11, 2020
Jewish Privilege is Real; What Would We Do Without Experts Mishpacha Magazine October 29, 2020
No Antidote for a Democratic Victory Mishpacha Magazine October 28, 2020
Preserve a Level Playing Field Mishpacha Magazine October 21, 2020
The Totalitarian Temptation Mishpacha Magazine October 15, 2020
Who is An Anti-Semite Mishpacha Magazine August 5, 2020
Who Will Pay the Price for Woke Culture? Mishpacha Magazine July 15, 2020
Whither My Old Friends; Case Closed, Questions Remain Mishpacha Magazine July 1, 2020
What Are They Smashing? Mishpacha Magazine June 24, 2020
What Became of America? Mishpacha Magazine June 18, 2020
What Became of America? Mishpacha Magazine June 18, 2020
Our Shameless Media; The Politics of Self-Destruction Mishpacha Magazine June 10, 2020
The FBI's Flimflam on Flynn Mishpacha Magazine June 3, 2020
Science Can't Tell Us What to Do Mishpacha Magazine May 13, 2020
It's Not About LIfe vs. Money Mishpacha Magazine April 29, 2020
A Journal of the Plague Year (with apologies to Daniel Defoe) Mishpacha Magazine March 27, 2020
Sanders WIll Live On Mishpacha Magazine March 18, 2020
Trump Changes the Conversation Mishpacha Magazine February 19, 2020
Good Intentions Gone Awry Mishpacha Magazine February 12, 2020
Donald Trump's Very, Very Good Week Mishpacha Magazine December 25, 2019
Donald Trump's Very, Very Good Week Mishpacha Magazine December 25, 2019
Attorney General Barr to the Defense Mishpacha Magazine November 6, 2019
No One Upon Whom to Rely Mishpacha Magazine October 23, 2019
VIrtual Echo Chamber; No to Reparations Mishpacha Magazine September 4, 2019
Is Trump a Racist? Mishpacha Magazine August 29, 2019
Our Irresponsible Politicians Mishpacha Magazine August 21, 2019
The Left's War on Science and Sanity; Lieberman, Chareidim and the Draft June 19, 2019
Helicopter Parent, Meet Coddled Kid Mishpacha Magazine April 10, 2019
No Shortcuts to Great Kds Mishpacha Magazine April 3, 2019
Badgered Into Submission Mishpacha Magazine March 20, 2019
What Was the Court's Hurry: The Democrats Descent into Madness Mishpacha Magazine February 20, 2019
Too Quick to Judge: The Hate that Dare Speak Its Name Mishpacha Magazine January 31, 2019
Making It Our Pain; Two Countries One Fight Mishpacha Magazine January 2, 2019
An Irresistible Call Mishpacha Magazine December 27, 2018
One Nation, Divisible Mishpacha Magazine November 21, 2018
Some Lessons, but Few Portents (revised from previous) Mishpacha Magazine November 14, 2018
No Going Back to Yale Mishpacha Magazine October 31, 2018
The Action is the Reward: When More is Less Mishpacha Magazine October 11, 2018
Atonement -- Fake andReal Mishpacha Magazine September 20, 2018
Masterpiece Cakeshop -- Round II; Be Kind, Always; Connected, but Not Mishpacha Magazine August 30, 2018
Baking Up a Storm Mishpacha Magazine June 13, 2018
When the Government Chooses Sides Yated Ne'eman February 8, 2018
The Hillary Email Investigation Updated Yated Ne'eman January 31, 2018
Can't We Just Be Friends? Mishpacha Magazine January 31, 2018
President Trump's Big Idea Yated Ne'eman January 16, 2018
Trump Derangement Syndrome: the Case of Bret Stephens Yated Ne'eman January 12, 2018
The Mitzvos We Do for Ourselves; Partisanship and Religion Don't Mix January 4, 2018
Turning Back the Clock in Syria is Not So Easy Yated Ne'eman December 29, 2017
Rejoicing with Reb Sholom Mordechai: Cheers from Jerusalem for President Trump Mishpacha Magazine December 28, 2017
Trump Tells Palestinians Time is Not on Your Side Yated Ne'eman December 13, 2017
The Never Ending Suffering of the Kurds Yated Ne'eman November 2, 2017
Clinton Cash Mishpacha Magazine November 2, 2017
Are Democrats About to be Hoisted on Their Own Petards Yated Ne'eman October 27, 2017
How Can We Thrive Despite Moral Anarchy? Mishpacha Magazine September 6, 2017
Iran in Syria: A Multi-faceted Threat to Israel Yated Ne'eman August 11, 2017
The Coming War with Hezbollah Yated Ne'eman July 14, 2017
The New Secular Orthodoxy Mishpacha Magazine July 14, 2017
Putin Wins Big Yated Ne'eman June 23, 2017
Politics when there is no future Yated Neeman June 9, 2017
Why Donald Trump is President; Chaverim Means Being Connected Mishpacha Magazine June 9, 2017
Trump Plunges into Middle East Peacemaking Yated Ne'eman May 12, 2017
Drawing Our Fellow Jews Close: Beware of High Places Mishpacha Magazine May 5, 2017
Pushing Death Mishpacha Magazine April 21, 2017
Politics Isn't Everything Yated Ne'eman February 17, 2017
Free Sholom Now; Reflections on the Passing of the Generation of the Holocaust Mishpacha Magazine February 4, 2017
Turn Down the Job, Jared Yated Ne'eman February 3, 2017
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -- Failed Prophet Mishpacha Magazine January 27, 2017
What is to be Done about the Iran Deal? Yated Ne'eman January 26, 2017
Countering the Effects of U.N. Security Resolution 2334 Yated Ne'eman January 19, 2017
The Pathetic Ms. Power; What Could be Wrong with Lighting a Candle? Mishpacha Magazine January 5, 2017
Kerry's Speech -- Error Compounded Yated Ne'eman January 5, 2017
Obama Gets In his Last Licks at Israel December 30, 2016
Good Riddance Mishpacha Magazine December 9, 2016
Learning from Yertle the Turtle Yated Ne'eman December 2, 2016
Dodging the Bullet Yated Ne'eman November 18, 2016
Why No #Never Hilllary? Yated Ne'eman November 4, 2016
True Optimism Requires a Dose of Realism; The Seeds Bear Fruits Mishpacha Magazine October 27, 2016
A Party of Liars Yated Ne'eman September 9, 2016
In Praise of BIbi Yated Ne'eman August 29, 2016
Promises, Promises Yated Ne'eman August 26, 2016
Strength from Love; The Gulag Comes to Houston Mishpacha Magazine August 12, 2016
The Limits of Nostalgia; Oops! Mishpacha Magazine August 5, 2016
Two on National Sovereignty; The Delight of English Spoken Well Jerusalem Post, Mishpacha Magazine July 15, 2016
Too BIg to Jail; A Rare Ability to Reconsider Mishpacha Magazine July 15, 2016
The Shooting of Harambe and Us: Not All Minorities are the Same Mishpacha Magazine June 17, 2016
You're Not as Smart as You Think Mishpacha Magazine June 3, 2016
Watch Out Theorists Ahead Yated Ne'eman June 3, 2016
Why the Palestinians Can't Dance in Obama's Own Words Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman May 27, 2016
Loose Lips Sink Countries; A Nightmare from Which There is No Awaking Mishpacha Magazine May 24, 2016
Women of the Wall Revealed; Both Parties are Cracking Up Mishpacha Magazine May 20, 2016
Whither Common Sense? Jerusalem Post May 13, 2016
Selling the Iran Deal Yated Ne'eman May 13, 2016
Remembering the Yaldei Teheran; Justice Antonin Scalia Mishpacha Magazine March 26, 2016
The Secret of Ahavas Yisrael; When VIrtue Departs Mishpacha Magazine March 25, 2016
Trumpism and What it Says About Us Yated Ne'eman March 11, 2016
Mariented in Hate January 29, 2016
The U.S.Grows Ever More Meddlesome Yated Ne'eman January 22, 2016
A Smile Makes the World Go Round; Hillary Watch Mishpacha Magazine January 20, 2016
Mismatch Theory Made Easy Mishpacha Magazine January 7, 2016
Respect the Commitment; To Get Along, Listen, Learn Tanach for Ezra Mishpacha Magazine December 2, 2015
Holding on to Kedushah; Turning the Tables Mishpacha Magazine 28 Oct 2015
Fear Factor; The Silent Treatment October 23, 2015
Fear Factor: The Silent Treatment Mishpacha Magazine October 23, 2015
Reb Elya Lopian on the Shidduch Crisis; Progressivism Distilled Mishpacha Magazine October 16, 2015
Giving Honor Where Honor is Due; A Delicate Balance; Hillary's No Friend Mishpacha Magazine September 25, 2015
Life and Death in the Balance Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman September 4, 2015
Something New for Bein Hazmainim Mishpacha Magazine August 28, 2015
In Defense of Mike Huckabee; Chilul Hashem is More Powerful; Pleasure in Odd Places Mishpacha Magazine August 14, 2015
A New Age of Theory Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman August 7, 2015
Profiles in Courage Anyone?; Insecurity Forever Mishpacha Magazine July 24, 2015
For What Was the Land Lost? Jerusalem Post July 24, 2015
A Very Bad Deal: Let Us Count the Ways Yated Ne'eman July 17, 2015
A Very Bad Deal: Let Us Count the Ways Yated Ne'eman July 17, 2015
Who Appointed Justice Kennedy Philosopher King? Mishpacha Magazine July 10, 2015
Campus Thought Control Yated Neeman July 10, 2015
Israel Led the Way -- Sadly Yated Ne'eman July 3, 2015
Michael Oren and the Decline of American Jewry; Good Riddance, Abe Mishpacha Magazine June 30, 2015
Michael Oren's Cri de Coeur Yated Ne'eman June 26, 2015
The President's failed Charm Offensive Yated Be'eman June 12, 2015
Behar 5775 -- Because I Chose to Be: Shemurah for Shmirah; The War on Religions -- Part III Mishpacha Magazine May 8, 2015
Parashas Emor 5775 - Mishpacha Magazine May 1, 2015
What is the Alternative to Miliitary Attack? Yated Ne'eman April 17, 2015
RFRA Battles and Us Mishpacha Magazine April 17, 2015
An Agreement Worse than Munich; American Jews Serve as Enablers Mishpacha Magazine April 3, 2015
Parashas VaYikra 5775 -- Surrounded by Extraordinary Goodness; Progress Towards What? Mishpacha Magazine March 21, 2015
Purim Shpiel 5775 Mishpacha Magazine March 16, 2015
What the Murder of Alberto Nisman Tells Us About Iran Yated Ne'eman January 30, 2015
Parahsa Va'eira 5775 -- We Owe an Answer; On Never Having to Mention Islam Mishpacha Magazine January 14, 2015
The Obama Administration vs. Israel Yated Ne'eman December 10, 2014
More "Progress" to an Iranian Nuclear Deal Yated Ne'eman November 25, 2014
Race Relations Regress under Obama Mishpacha Magazine October 25, 2014
Parashas Eschanan 5744 -- Max Steinberg, zt"l, as Rorschach Test; Your Narcissism is Showing Mishpacha Magazine August 7, 2014
Parashas Devarim -- Who Believes in Mermaids?; Acts of Kindness, Great and Small August 1, 2014
An Inversion of Morality Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman July 25, 2014
Parashas Masei 5774 Mishpacha Magazine July 23, 2014
Parashas Masei 5774 Mishpacha Magazine July 23, 2014
The World Comes Looking for President Obama Yated Neeman June 20, 2014
A Different Kind of Prisoner Exchange Jerusalem Post June 13, 2014
Parashas Nasso 5774 -- Toxic Envy; A Special Siyum Mishpacha Magazine May 30, 2014
Pesach 5774 -- Entering Another Realm; End the Farce Mishpacha Magazine April 10, 2014
Paul Ryan Racist Yated Neeman April 4, 2014
Two on Obama's Foreign Policy Yated Neeman, Jerusalem Post March 28, 2014
Shemini 5744 -- Dangerous Compartmentalization Mishpacha Magazine March 22, 2014
Obama Shows He Can be Tough Yated Neeman March 14, 2014
Did The New York TImes Help Hillary? Yated Ne'eman January 10, 2014
Shemos 5774 -- Public Figure, Moral Spokesman; Trust is Fragile Mishpacha Magazine December 20, 2013
Will the Wise Isn't Always Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman December 13, 2013
A Very Bad Deal Yated Ne'eman December 6, 2013
VaYigash 5774 -- Betrayal: American Jews, Israel, and a Nuclear Iran Mishpacha Magazine December 4, 2013
VaYeishev 5774 November 22, 2013
The Wheels Fall Off the Obamacare Bus Yated Ne'eman November 8, 2013
Parashas Lech Lecha 5774 -- Cassandra at Turtle Bay Mishpacha Magazine October 11, 2013
Two on Iran (belated) Yated Ne'eman; Jerusalem Post October 4, 2013
Obama's Syrian Quaqmire Yated Ne'eman September 18, 2013
In Search of an Egypt Policy Yated Ne'eman August 23, 2013
Israel Sues for Peace Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman August 9, 2013
When Goodness Rises to Greatness (on Abraham Lincoln) Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman July 26, 2013
Parashas Mattos-Massai 5773 -- Loss of Depth; Amongst His People Mishpacha Magazine July 5, 2013
Parashas Balak 5773 Mishpacha June 19, 2013
Benghazi Scorecard Yated Ne'eman May 24, 2013
Be'halosecha 5773 -- Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory; This Scandal Has Legs Mishpacha Magazine May 24, 2013
The Price of Blindness Jerusalem Post May 3, 2013
Are the Headlines Connected? Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman March 8, 2013
VaYakel-Pekudei 5773 Mishpacha Magazine March 8, 2013
Beshelach 5773 -- A World of Abundance or One of Scarcity; Mrs. Chana Scherman, a"h Mishpacha Magazine January 16, 2013
One Appointment Worse than the Next The Jerusalem Post January 11, 2013
The Damage is Done Jerusalem Post January 4, 2013
The Religious Mindset Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman December 29, 2012
Va'yechi 5773 -- Too Early to Celebrate; A Lesson from Senator Daniel Inouye Mishpacha Magazine December 29, 2012
No End Game in Sight in Gaza Yated Ne'eman November 23, 2012
Beware the Goodists Jerusalem Post November 16, 2012
Random Meditations the Day After the Elections Yated Ne'eman November 16, 2012
Chayei Sarah 5773 -- Who Needs the Jews?; Hashem's Humility and Ours Mishpacha Magazine November 9, 2012
A Badly Divided Nation (more fodder for the historians) Yated Ne'eman November 9, 2012
.Va'yeira 5773 -- The Case for Optimism; Overcoming Adversity Mishpacha Magazine November 2, 2012
Obama's Luck Runs Out (of interest for historians) Yated Ne'eman November 2, 2012
Parashas Lech Lecha 5773 -- Go to ... Yourself; Fix the Debate Format Mishpacha Magazine October 26, 2012
Spare Me "Never Again" Jerusalem Post October 19, 2012
Parashas Bereishis 5773 -- Obama Betrayed by Media Adulation; Our Most Precious Possession -- Self-Control Mishpacha October 12, 2012
Bereishis 5773 -- Mary Sue Needs a Job, Not Just Our Sympathy; Time for an All-Out War Mishpacha Magazine October 12, 2012
Still in need of His protection Jerusalem Post October 5, 2012
Nitzavim 5773 -- September/Tishrei Surprise Mishpacha Magazine September 27, 2012
Ki Savo 5772 -- The Best Case for Obama: A Shocking Forgivemenss Mishpacha Magazine September 5, 2012
Israel Alone Yated Ne'eman August 29, 2012
What Ryan Brings Yated Ne'eman August 22, 2012
What Ryan Brings Yated Ne'eman August 22, 2012
Will Romney's Visit Mark a Criticial Turning Point? Yated Ne'eman August 3, 2012
Parashas Balak 5772 -- Why we are drawn to humiliy; Admitting we don't know; Leave it to the Experts Mishpacha Magazine July 4, 2012
The Blame Game Yated Ne'eman June 20, 2012
The Meaning of the Wisconsin Recall Election Yated Ne'eman June 13, 2012
Negotiations to Nowhere Yated Ne'eman May 10, 2012
Advice for Romney Yated Ne'eman April 27, 2012
Tazria-Metzorah 5772: The "Blue Model" and Torah Jewry; A Parenting Nugget from Rav Sheinberg, zt"l, Reset on Israel after the Elections Mishpacha Magazine April 18, 2012
A Matter of Trust Yated Ne'eman March 16, 2012
The Loss of Civic Virtue and its Consequences Jerusalem Post March 16, 2012
It's Not About the Internet; It's About Us Mishpacha Magazine March 7, 2012
Ki Tzaveh 5772 -- Obamacare and Religious Liberty; The Failure to Condemn the Crazies; Are Chareidim Accident Prone? Mishpacha Magazine February 28, 2012
Islamophobia as an Offensive Weapon Jerusalem Post February 17, 2012
Twilight of the gods Jerusalem Post August 26, 2011
Resist the Counsel of Despair Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman June 3, 2011
Obama Tilts Towards Europe Yated Ne'eman May 25, 2011
Why America Hearts Israel Jerusalem Post May 20, 2011
Parashas Behar 5771 -- Osama Memorial Issue Mishpacha Magazine May 11, 2011
Is Israel Dividing American Jewry? Jerusalem Post May 6, 2011
Jewish Students Under Assault -- Part III Yated Ne'eman May 6, 2011
Emor 5771 -- Whither Syria? Whither America?; No Diamond Ring for the Kallah -- Epilogue; Harvard Graduation Mussar Mishpacha Magazine May 4, 2011
The Irrelevance of the Settlements Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman April 20, 2011
Parashas Metzorah 5771: President Obama's Libya Speech; The Hidden Tragedy of the Japanese Bochurim; Whose SIde is Obama On? Mishpacha Magazine April 6, 2011
American in Libya: Conundrums All Around Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman March 25, 2011
Some Hidden Dangers for the Chareidi Community Yated Ne'eman March 2, 2011
Narrative Isn't Everything Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman February 4, 2011
Is President Obama Owed an Apology? Yated Ne'eman January 11, 2011
Bo 5771 -- A Closed Mouth and a Blind Eye: Jonathan Pollard Mishpacha Magazine January 5, 2011
Homerun or Strikeout: A Reply to Rabbi Shafran Yated Ne'eman December 29, 2010
Shemos 5771 -- Nixon-Kissinger Tape; Rabbis' Letter; Wikileaks Mishpacha Magazine December 23, 2010
The Phantom Palestinian State -- Some Questions Yated Ne'eman December 22, 2010
What the Newest Nixon-Kissinger Tape Reveals Yated Ne'eman December 15, 2010
Vayeishev 5771 -- The Value of an Ivy League Education; American Jewish History Museum Mishpacha Magazine December 3, 2010
A Relationship in Tatters Yated Ne'eman December 1, 2010
MiKeitz -- TSA pat-downs, abdicating parents, bureaucratic favoritism Mishpacha Magazine November 30, 2010
Can Israel Live with a Palestinian State Mishpacha November 24, 2010
Vayishlach -- Russian Refuseniks 30 years later; American Jews Flunk Again Mishpacha Magazine November 23, 2010
Va'yatzei November 12, 2010
WIll Obama Abstain on a Palestinian State? Yated Ne"eman November 10, 2010
Doomed to Disappointment? Yated Ne'eman November 4, 2010
Toldos 5771 Mishpacha November 3, 2010
Ambassador Out of Bounds Yated Ne'eman October 29, 2010
A Double Standard for Islam Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman October 29, 2010
The Un-American Yated Ne'eman October 10, 2010
Talk of a Military Option on Iran Yated Ne'eman August 11, 2010
Not Just a Question of Tolerance Mishpacha Magazine August 11, 2010
Waking Up to the Sharia Threat Jerusalem Post August 6, 2010
The Burka Ban and Us Mishpacha Magazine August 4, 2010
The Trouble with Lawyers Yated Ne'eman July 21, 2010
Know Your Enemy Yated Ne'eman July 15, 2010
Preliminary reflections on politics and religion Mishpacha Magazine June 18, 2010
Rely on Us Yated Ne'eman June 9, 2010
A Friend No More Yated Ne'eman June 2, 2010
Will American Jews Pass the Test? May 3, 2010
Washington Throws a Tantrum Yated Ne'eman March 17, 2010
Elite Arrogance -- Again Yated Neeman March 5, 2010
Booby Prize The Jerusalem Post October 16, 2009
Why Palestinian Incitement Matters So Much Jerusalem Post October 1, 2009

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