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Writings by Topic: Arab-Israeli Conflict

Title Publication Date
Sinwar Plays Us for Chumps Mishpacha Magazine May 14, 2024
For Want of a Nail Mishpacha Magazine April 9, 2024
Jews Take Note: Dems Are Not That Into You Mishpacha Magazine March 20, 2024
Not at Any Price Mishpacha Magazine February 13, 2024
The Return of Another Bad Idea -- The Two-State Solution Mishpacha Magazine January 30, 2024
An Intractable Dillemma Mishpacha Magazine December 12, 2023
Some Thoughts on Awakening to a Nightmare Mishpacha Magazine October 17, 2023
HEED THE OMENS Mishpacha Magazine May 10, 2022
Who Won? Mishpacha Magazine June 1, 2021
Hamas's Enablers Yated Neeman May 27, 2021
An Open Wound on Israel's Body Politic Mishpacha Magazine May 26, 2021
Israeli "Racism" Again; Matters of Character -- A Historical Vignette Mishpacha Magazine January 27, 2021
What's Wrong with Tattoos?; Why So Angry? Mishpacha Magazine March 10, 2020
Trump Changes the Conversation Mishpacha Magazine February 19, 2020
An Appropriately Abject Apology Mishpacha Magazine May 30, 2018
Turning Back the Clock in Syria is Not So Easy Yated Ne'eman December 29, 2017
Rejoicing with Reb Sholom Mordechai: Cheers from Jerusalem for President Trump Mishpacha Magazine December 28, 2017
Trump Tells Palestinians Time is Not on Your Side Yated Ne'eman December 13, 2017
Iran in Syria: A Multi-faceted Threat to Israel Yated Ne'eman August 11, 2017
The Clueless West Yated Ne'eman July 21, 2017
The Coming War with Hezbollah Yated Ne'eman July 14, 2017
Two on the Six-Day War Mishpacha Magazine May 26, 2017
Trump Plunges into Middle East Peacemaking Yated Ne'eman May 12, 2017
Countering the Effects of U.N. Security Resolution 2334 Yated Ne'eman January 19, 2017
The Pathetic Ms. Power; What Could be Wrong with Lighting a Candle? Mishpacha Magazine January 5, 2017
Kerry's Speech -- Error Compounded Yated Ne'eman January 5, 2017
Obama Gets In his Last Licks at Israel December 30, 2016
Dodging the Bullet Yated Ne'eman November 18, 2016
True Optimism Requires a Dose of Realism; The Seeds Bear Fruits Mishpacha Magazine October 27, 2016
The Last Link Mishpacha Magazine October 14, 2016
In Praise of BIbi Yated Ne'eman August 29, 2016
Promises, Promises Yated Ne'eman August 26, 2016
Why the Palestinians Can't Dance in Obama's Own Words Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman May 27, 2016
Mariented in Hate January 29, 2016
The U.S.Grows Ever More Meddlesome Yated Ne'eman January 22, 2016
A Smile Makes the World Go Round; Hillary Watch Mishpacha Magazine January 20, 2016
Calling Evil by its Name; Hashem Watches Over the Fools Mishpacha Magazine November 20, 2015
Holding on to Kedushah; Turning the Tables Mishpacha Magazine 28 Oct 2015
What Netanyahu Meant to Say, and Why It's So Important Mishpacha Magazine November 6, 2015
Fear Factor; The Silent Treatment October 23, 2015
Fear Factor: The Silent Treatment Mishpacha Magazine October 23, 2015
Michael Oren and the Decline of American Jewry; Good Riddance, Abe Mishpacha Magazine June 30, 2015
The President's failed Charm Offensive Yated Be'eman June 12, 2015
The Obama Administration vs. Israel Yated Ne'eman December 10, 2014
Ki Savo 5774 -- A Connection to Torah for All; A Little Context Please Mishpacha Magazine September 12, 2014
What Do Gaza and Ferguson Have in Common Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman September 5, 2014
Parashas Eschanan 5744 -- Max Steinberg, zt"l, as Rorschach Test; Your Narcissism is Showing Mishpacha Magazine August 7, 2014
Parashas Devarim -- Who Believes in Mermaids?; Acts of Kindness, Great and Small August 1, 2014
An Inversion of Morality Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman July 25, 2014
Parashas Masei 5774 Mishpacha Magazine July 23, 2014
Parashas Masei 5774 Mishpacha Magazine July 23, 2014
Parashas Ma'asei -- Glad Not to be Prime Minister Netanyahu; Miracles All Around Mishpacha Magazine July 23, 2014
The High Costs of Ignoring Islamic Culture Yated Ne'eman July 4, 2014
Parashas Chukas 5774 -- Ana Hashem, Bring Our Brothers Home Mishpacha Magazine June 27, 2014
Two on Obama's Foreign Policy Yated Neeman, Jerusalem Post March 28, 2014
Of Hypocrisy and Double Standards Yated Ne'eman October 18, 2013
In Search of an Egypt Policy Yated Ne'eman August 23, 2013
Israel Sues for Peace Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman August 9, 2013
Shavuos 5773 -- Eternity Envy; What Lies Behind the Israeli Attacks on Syria Mishpacha Magazine May 14, 2013
The Price of Blindness Jerusalem Post May 3, 2013
Are the Headlines Connected? Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman March 8, 2013
Three Heroes Yated Ne'eman February 15, 2013
Truth on Trial Yated Ne'eman January 25, 2013
One Appointment Worse than the Next The Jerusalem Post January 11, 2013
Disproportionate Criticism Jerusalem Post December 12, 2012
Kedoshim 5772 -- CBS's Journalistic Malpractice; It's Hard to Say Thank You Mishpacha Magazine May 2, 2012
Bo 5772 -- Israeli Supreme Court Affirms Self-Preservation; Defeating the Terrorists Within; Comrades-in-Arms Mishpacha Magazine January 25, 2012
Does It Matter Whether Palestinian Nationalism is "Invented" -- Part I Yated Ne'eman December 27, 2011
Can We Talk Honestly? Jerusalem Post August 5, 2011
Korach 5771 -- Something New, Something Old; Look Who's Dancing; Canadian Jews Change Course Mishpacha Magazine June 22, 2011
Shelach 5771 -- Don't Judge a Parent by the Child: Follow the Money; "Pro-Israel J Street's Interesting Friends; Too Old to Fight Mishpacha Magazine June 15, 2011
Resist the Counsel of Despair Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman June 3, 2011
Obama Tilts Towards Europe Yated Ne'eman May 25, 2011
Parashas Behar 5771 -- Osama Memorial Issue Mishpacha Magazine May 11, 2011
Is Israel Dividing American Jewry? Jerusalem Post May 6, 2011
Jewish Students Under Assault -- Part III Yated Ne'eman May 6, 2011
Emor 5771 -- Whither Syria? Whither America?; No Diamond Ring for the Kallah -- Epilogue; Harvard Graduation Mussar Mishpacha Magazine May 4, 2011
The Irrelevance of the Settlements Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman April 20, 2011
Parashas Metzorah 5771: President Obama's Libya Speech; The Hidden Tragedy of the Japanese Bochurim; Whose SIde is Obama On? Mishpacha Magazine April 6, 2011
Jewish Students Under Assault -- Part I Yated Ne'eman April 1, 2011
The Hedgehog and the Fox Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman March 10, 2011
Ki SIsa 5771 -- Multiculturalism and Us; A Vision of Klal Yisrael; Double Standards and Israel Mishpacha Magazine February 19, 2011
What's Next for Egypt? Yated Ne'eman February 16, 2011
Narrative Isn't Everything Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman February 4, 2011
Homerun or Strikeout: A Reply to Rabbi Shafran Yated Ne'eman December 29, 2010
The Phantom Palestinian State -- Some Questions Yated Ne'eman December 22, 2010
A Relationship in Tatters Yated Ne'eman December 1, 2010
Can Israel Live with a Palestinian State Mishpacha November 24, 2010
WIll Obama Abstain on a Palestinian State? Yated Ne"eman November 10, 2010
Ambassador Out of Bounds Yated Ne'eman October 29, 2010
Erev Sukkos (Mishpacha 327) Mishpacha Magazine September 20, 2010
Middah K'neged Middah Mishpacha Magazine July 14, 2010
Washington Throws a Tantrum Yated Ne'eman March 17, 2010
Free Speech Follies Jerusalem Post February 18, 2010
An Immoral Enemy Receives its Comeuppance Yated Ne'eman February 7, 2010
President Obama's First Year and Israel Yated Neeman February 4, 2010
Booby Prize The Jerusalem Post October 16, 2009
Why Palestinian Incitement Matters So Much Jerusalem Post October 1, 2009

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