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Writings by Topic: Iran

Title Publication Date
Another Really Bad Foreign Policy Idea -- Appeasing Iran Mishpacha Magazine February 6, 2024
The Dangers of Virtue Signalling Mishpacha Magazine April 26, 2022
Scary and Scarier Yated Neeman March 15, 2022
Early Lessons from Ukraine Mishpacha Magazine March 8, 2022
Interventionism vs. Isolationism Yated Neeman March 4, 2022
On Acquiring Wisdom; TThe Failed Iran Deal -- Again Mishpacha Magazine March 2, 2022
Israel's Multiple Iranian Dilemmas -- Part I Yated Neeman December 7, 2021
Whither My Old Friends; Case Closed, Questions Remain Mishpacha Magazine July 1, 2020
No One Upon Whom to Rely Mishpacha Magazine October 23, 2019
The Never Ending Suffering of the Kurds Yated Ne'eman November 2, 2017
Iran in Syria: A Multi-faceted Threat to Israel Yated Ne'eman August 11, 2017
The Coming War with Hezbollah Yated Ne'eman July 14, 2017
Politics when there is no future Yated Neeman June 9, 2017
What is to be Done about the Iran Deal? Yated Ne'eman January 26, 2017
A Party of Liars Yated Ne'eman September 9, 2016
Promises, Promises Yated Ne'eman August 26, 2016
Selling the Iran Deal Yated Ne'eman May 13, 2016
Life and Death in the Balance Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman September 4, 2015
In Defense of Mike Huckabee; Chilul Hashem is More Powerful; Pleasure in Odd Places Mishpacha Magazine August 14, 2015
A New Age of Theory Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman August 7, 2015
Profiles in Courage Anyone?; Insecurity Forever Mishpacha Magazine July 24, 2015
For What Was the Land Lost? Jerusalem Post July 24, 2015
A Very Bad Deal: Let Us Count the Ways Yated Ne'eman July 17, 2015
A Very Bad Deal: Let Us Count the Ways Yated Ne'eman July 17, 2015
Michael Oren's Cri de Coeur Yated Ne'eman June 26, 2015
The President's failed Charm Offensive Yated Be'eman June 12, 2015
Too Late Comes to Soon; President Obama Goes to Synagogue Mishpacha Magazine May 29, 2015
Progressives at the Poker Table Mishpacha Magazine April 24, 2015
What is the Alternative to Miliitary Attack? Yated Ne'eman April 17, 2015
An Agreement Worse than Munich; American Jews Serve as Enablers Mishpacha Magazine April 3, 2015
Parashas VaYikra 5775 -- Surrounded by Extraordinary Goodness; Progress Towards What? Mishpacha Magazine March 21, 2015
Purim Shpiel 5775 Mishpacha Magazine March 16, 2015
What the Murder of Alberto Nisman Tells Us About Iran Yated Ne'eman January 30, 2015
More "Progress" to an Iranian Nuclear Deal Yated Ne'eman November 25, 2014
Parashas Ve'yeira 5775 -- Don't Do It, Dr. Emanuel; Peres's Folly Mishpacha Magazine November 25, 2014
The High Costs of Ignoring Islamic Culture Yated Ne'eman July 4, 2014
The World Comes Looking for President Obama Yated Neeman June 20, 2014
Will the Wise Isn't Always Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman December 13, 2013
A Very Bad Deal Yated Ne'eman December 6, 2013
VaYigash 5774 -- Betrayal: American Jews, Israel, and a Nuclear Iran Mishpacha Magazine December 4, 2013
VaYeishev 5774 November 22, 2013
Parashas Lech Lecha 5774 -- Cassandra at Turtle Bay Mishpacha Magazine October 11, 2013
Two on Iran (belated) Yated Ne'eman; Jerusalem Post October 4, 2013
Shavuos 5773 -- Eternity Envy; What Lies Behind the Israeli Attacks on Syria Mishpacha Magazine May 14, 2013
One Appointment Worse than the Next The Jerusalem Post January 11, 2013
The Damage is Done Jerusalem Post January 4, 2013
No End Game in Sight in Gaza Yated Ne'eman November 23, 2012
Spare Me "Never Again" Jerusalem Post October 19, 2012
Bereishis 5773 -- Mary Sue Needs a Job, Not Just Our Sympathy; Time for an All-Out War Mishpacha Magazine October 12, 2012
Nitzavim 5773 -- September/Tishrei Surprise Mishpacha Magazine September 27, 2012
Negotiations to Nowhere Yated Ne'eman May 10, 2012
Erev Pesach 5772 -- True Independence; Are These Not Jewish Children?; An Apt Comparison Mishpacha Magazine April 6, 2012
A Matter of Trust Yated Ne'eman March 16, 2012
It's Not About the Internet; It's About Us Mishpacha Magazine March 7, 2012
The Hedgehog and the Fox Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman March 10, 2011
Va'Yakhel 5771 -- Bullying; My Son Works; Authoritarians vs. Totalitarians Mishpacha Magazine February 23, 2011
Homerun or Strikeout: A Reply to Rabbi Shafran Yated Ne'eman December 29, 2010
A Relationship in Tatters Yated Ne'eman December 1, 2010
The Still Lethal Obsession Jerusalem Post November 26, 2010
Ambassador Out of Bounds Yated Ne'eman October 29, 2010
Talk of a Military Option on Iran Yated Ne'eman August 11, 2010
Waking Up to the Sharia Threat Jerusalem Post August 6, 2010
Will American Jews Pass the Test? May 3, 2010
President Obama's First Year and Israel Yated Neeman February 4, 2010
Booby Prize The Jerusalem Post October 16, 2009
Badly in Need of His Protection The Jerusalem Post October 2, 2009

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