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Writings by Topic: September 11 Attacks

Title Publication Date
The World Comes Looking for President Obama Yated Neeman June 20, 2014
The Still Lethal Obsession Jerusalem Post November 26, 2010
Not Just a Question of Tolerance Mishpacha Magazine August 11, 2010
Waking Up to the Sharia Threat Jerusalem Post August 6, 2010
President Bush and the Bully Pulpit Hamodia December 10, 2003
Anything you want, just don't hate me Jerusalem Post December 5, 2003
Islam - a peaceful religion? Hamodia December 6, 2002
G-d bless President Bush Jerusalem Post October 4, 2002
Onward to Baghdad Hamodia August 30, 2002
Why the cabdrivers are right Jerusalem Post February 1, 2002
My country, always wrong Jerusalem Post December 21, 2001
Tom Friedman's latest big idea Jerusalem Post December 7, 2001
The Rationalist Folly Jerusalem Post October 11, 2001
Restarting the process now is a deadly mistake Jerusalem Post October 4, 2001
The Price of Vanity Jerusalem Post September 28, 2001
The day the world changed Jerusalem Post September 14, 2001

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