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Writings by Topic: The Three Weeks & Tisha B'Av

Title Publication Date
Making Peace with Enemies Yated Neeman July 14, 2021
What is Sinas Chinam?: Expressing Mutual Admiration Mishpacha Magazine August 7, 2019
Jogging the Memory Mishpacha Magazine July 19, 2018
Sacrificing Others for the Cause; Picking Fights to Avoid Obligation Mishpacha Magazine July 28, 2017
Strength from Love; The Gulag Comes to Houston Mishpacha Magazine August 12, 2016
Profiles in Courage Anyone?; Insecurity Forever Mishpacha Magazine July 24, 2015
For What Was the Land Lost? Jerusalem Post July 24, 2015
Parashas Devarim -- Who Believes in Mermaids?; Acts of Kindness, Great and Small August 1, 2014
The Price of Exclusion Mishpacha Magazine July 23, 2010
Bargain Hunting Mishpacha August 6, 2008
Why the happy face? The London Jewish Tribune August 1, 2008
Wait Until Next Year Mishpacha July 25, 2007
A Powerful Metaphor, but does it Work? Yated Ne'eman July 17, 2007
The enemy within us (London as Moshol) Mishpacha August 4, 2005
Knowing what we are missing Baltimore Jewish Times August 8, 2003
Too Much Mourning or Too Little? Jerusalem Post July 19, 2002
Why we love to hate Jerusalem Post July 27, 2001
Abolish the Three Weeks? Jerusalem Post July 16, 1999
Happy Tisha B'Av Jerusalem Post July 31, 1998

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