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Writings by Topic: Shavuot

Title Publication Date
A Tale of Two Covenants Mishpacha Magazine June 1, 2022
Seed of Redemption May 26, 2020
Becoming One with the Torah Mishpacha Magazine June 4, 2019
Yes, Jewish Unity is Possible Jerusalem Post, Yated Ne'eman June 9, 2016
Stop, Look Around, Do Something; Why We Laugh March 26, 2016
Erev Shavuos -- Holding On in a World Gone Mad Mishpacha Magazine May 15, 2015
Shavuot, the Source of Jewish Identity Jerusalem Post May 30, 2014
Shavuos 5773 -- Eternity Envy; What Lies Behind the Israeli Attacks on Syria Mishpacha Magazine May 14, 2013
BaMidbar 5773 -- Apology to Rabbi Ilan Feldman; Meet Richard Falk; A Shavuos Initiative Mishpacha Magazine May 10, 2013
An Irrefutable Proof Hamodia May 22, 2007
Celebrating Shavuos Alone Mishpacha May 31, 2006
Is the Jewish state losing its Jewishness? Jerusalem Post June 5, 2003
Jewish pagans Baltimore Jewish Times May 31, 2002
Celebrating Shavuot Alone Hamodia May 17, 2002
Celebrating Shavuot Alone Jerusalem Post May 16, 2002
Whose Torah and why it matters Baltimore Jewish Times June 15, 2001
Shavuot and the limits of self Jerusalem Post May 29, 2001
God didn't say 'Thou might want to...' Jerusalem Post May 24, 2001
Too many mitzvot? Jerusalem Post June 8, 2000

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